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Podere Macerata is a family-run working farm with environment-friendly organic cultivation. We produce and process honey, olives, vegetables, fruit and quality chestnuts. The most typical feature of our farm is the variety of crops and landscape: meadow, grazing land, plough land, chestnut woods, olive groves, raspberry bushes, vegetable garden, apiculture and woods.

Down in the valley we rotate legume crops and cereals, from which we obtain soft wheat flour (both white and wholemeal) and maize meal. The cereals are ground in an ancient stone grinding mill in the neighbourhood, which is certified for the milling of organic meals.
miele, confetture e farine biologiche, olio extra vergine di oliva

The mountain sides are covered in chestnut trees which produce the renowned delicious Florentine sweet chestnut, that thanks to its outstanding quality has been awarded the status “Marrone del Mugello IGP”. By means of traditional drying-houses we obtain dried chestnuts, which once ground become sweet chestnut flour with extraordinary organoleptic properties.

On the southern slope and along the ridge, at some 500 metres above sea level, we have a small olive grove whence we produce deeply scented and gently tasting extra virgin olive oil.

Along the field borders and in the orchard in front and above the house we have kept the old fruit trees and berry bushes – raspberries, bilberries, redcurrants, gooseberries – which we turn into limited amounts of delicious fruit preserves, mostly used for the breakfasts that we serve to our guests in the farm accommodation.

On a slightly elevated position above the house is a vegetable garden, whose crops are served fresh our guests’ dinners or turned into wholesome traditional preserves for the winter months.

In the southern part of our estate we have placed our bees, providing us with excellent honey that we pot on the premises and serve for breakfast and dinner.

We turn most of our home grown produce into delicious typical dishes for our guests: tagliatelle, tortelli, ravioli, sweet and salted pastries, cakes and cookies that our guests may appreciate for breakfast and dinner and also buy from our shop to take back home a taste of our wholesome genuine produce.

We wish to remind you that only certified farms inspected by one of the verification agencies appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture qualify for labelling their products as “da agricoltura biologica” (from an organic farm).
Our farm is certified by the CCPB Consortium from Bologna

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